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Posted in referentes por msubirana en octubre 20, 2007

2001-2002 a project by Beatriz da Costa



Cello is a robotic sound installation, which combines autonomous behavior with interaction. The piece concerns itself with the act of learning, performing and adapting oneself to external pressures. Cello consists of an automated acoustic cello that alters its behavior in response to computer generated sine wave tones and to the position of visitors in the space. The cello tunes itself. String after string tightens and loosens slowly on motorized pegs, while being bowed and compared to the sine wave tones emitted by a speaker. A pick-up microphone transmits the cello frequencies to the computer program, in which their relationship to the “right” frequencies is evaluated. The pegs, in response will turn in one direction or the other until each string is declared to be in tune.

project documentation: cello



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