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Small work for robot and insects

Posted in referentes por msubirana en octubre 20, 2007

a project by hostprods
2002 – 2003

robot attempts to share information with colony of live crickets


‘small work for robot and insects’ has evolved over a period of three years.
v1 was a commission from digitalsummer01: inter[face] to produce a small sound based piece of work, and formed part of a series of investigations into interfaces between natural and technological systems. The work consisted of a group of crickets and a simple quadruped robot existing in a large glass tank, seperated by a glass divider. The sound of the cricket song was transmitted to the robot which made a series of random movements in response.

v2 was commissioned by Arnolfini Live and is a much more sophisticated work. A new hexapod robot was designed and built from scratch and a neural network brain was programmed by Brian Lee Yung Rowe of Muxspace, New York. The robot is now able to listen intelligently to the cricket song and attempt to devise a unique language with which to communicate with them or provoke them into certain behaviours.




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