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Cloud Shape Classifier

Posted in General por msubirana en octubre 22, 2007

by Douglas Bagnall

Cloud Shape Classifier

Many people would like to see interesting clouds, but lack the spare time in which to look upwards. A Cloud Shape Classifier can help by watching the sky as people go about their routines, and showing them the best clouds at a later time. Since not everyone likes the same clouds, the Classifier learns each individual’s taste, and tries to show them only the clouds that they will like.

How it works

A computer controls a camera that is pointed to the sky, and sends cloud images to the server. The server examines each image, and reduces it to 57 numbers representing various visual qualities. These numbers are stored away in a database.

Evolving Neural Networks

Each classifier has a mind in the form of a multilayer perceptron neural network. The neural network reduces the 57 numbers representing an image down to one number, which is used as a measure of goodness.

At first, the neural network has entirely arbitrary taste. When you have made some training selections, the network is altered to try to take this into account. Several copies of the network are made, and each is mutated randomly. Some of these mutated copies will give answers that better fit your selections, and some will be worse. Most of the worse ones are disposed of, and copies of the better ones are made, and then mutated again. After several iterations of this process, the best network is given back to the classifier, which uses it to pick new favourite images. This simple form of Darwinian evolution tends to be good at generalising from a few points of data, so the classifier can learn the gist of your taste.




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